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Shen Tao Patch 2_edited.jpg

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday

 9-10 am & 1-6 pm
Sunday 11 am - 2 pm
Please note that we are not at the dojo unless classes are in session. To attend classes at the dojo registration is required.



About Us

What does Sun Moon Dojo Shen Tao offer?

We offer simplistic elementary courses in T'ai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and Self Protection for the enrichment of health and well-being for all those living in today's world.  Our authentic temple arts approach to total health and rehabilitation make our academy unique to this region. We utilize science and centuries of experience to guide you and your organization to reach health goals mentally, physically, and energetically.  

Our experience with helping individuals, families, schools, companies/corporations, sports teams/clubs, summer camps, before and after-school care, health facilities, retirement communities,  fitness gyms, and more helps us cater to your goals. Adding our techniques to what you do can enhance your life at home work and play no matter who you are.  We offer in-person tai chi, yoga, and enrichment seminars at our location or offsite depending on the event. 

 In addition to our traditional tai chi and yoga classes, we offer t'ai chi-specific programs for your work or play examples include: Reducing and Addressing Stress, Fatigue, and Trauma for Essential Workers and Care-Takers, Practical Self-Protection for Home, Work, and Travel, Tai Chi Stranger Danger and Anti-Bully for Kids,  Work Place Reset, Tai Chi Tune Up, True Sound Healing, and Injury Preventative Maintenance and Rehabilitation for Ligaments, Tendons, and Joints. 

              Classes in Cincinnati Ohio

Group Tai Chi @ Kennedy Heights/ 6620 Montgomery Road 45213

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10-11:15 AM 

Group Tai Chi @ Incline District/ 920 Grand Avenue 45205

Sunday 9-10:15 AM for 




We believe that if you put in the work using traditional techniques you will experience positive results.

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