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Who we are:

Sun Moon Dojo Shen Tao is a tai chi and healing arts academy with what we like to call "the good stuff". Through decades of study, experience and guidance from our teachers including legitimate Grand Masters, Gurus and Guides we got you covered. We offer beginning to advanced level tai chi, wushu (kung fu), yoga, qigong, and practical self-protection for all ages. We also specialize in self-myofascial release and can boost any athlete's performance and rehabilitation. 


Who we help:

Individuals like you, families, schools, companies/corporations, sports teams/clubs, summer camps, before and after-school care, health facilities, retirement communities, fitness gyms, and more. Adding our techniques to what you do can enhance your life at home, work and play. 


What do our techniques do?

Our healing arts programs are designed for targeting particular goals including but not limited to: Reducing and Addressing Stress, Fatigue, and Trauma for Essential Workers and Care-Takers, Practical Self-Protection for Home, Work, and Travel, Practical Self Protection for High Schools/Teen Groups/ Senior Citizens,  Stranger Danger and Anti-Bully for Kids, and Injury Preventative Maintenance and Rehabilitation for Ligaments, Tendons, and Joints. 

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