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 Followers of t'ai chi believed that people should discipline themselves to be spiritual, healthy, kind, and intelligent, to be responsible for assisting others to reach the same levels of achievement, to enjoy the truth, to fight fearlessly against immorality and injustice, and to protect the needy and the week.  

Tai Chi

Mind, body,  and spirit strength =
Peace, youthfulness, and joy. #classgoals



Cultivating and maintaining health through purposeful practice of breathing and gentle movement

-we do this



Our tai chi students learn the benefits and techniques of Kriya yoga under the yogic guidance of authentic yoga lineage directly from India. 

Brief Q & A with our instructors

Q: What is tai chi?

A: “Tai chi is a way of life enhancement through stable effective techniques proven through thousands of years.”


A: “Tai chi is medication in motion.”

“Say see ya to the Tin Man, and increase your range physically and mentally.”

Q: Is tai chi a religion?

A: No. Tai chi is actually scientifically accredited. It’s based on being in harmony with nature, and creating more synergy and balance physically, mentally, and spiritually.  We believe “if one has faith in something greater than oneself then one can achieve anything.”


Q: Is tai chi a martial art?

A: Yes. Tai chi is one of the highest levels that one can study in martial arts. It can be used as self-protection. We say “tai chi is like food, it can heal you or harm you. Our philosophy includes a total health approach. This means in order to be healthy, you must feel safe. All of our students benefit from learning self-protection, especially our grandmas and grandpas!”  

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